The fear of failure. One of the worst possible fears to nurture. It can cripple you to death. It starts with small things like not asking doubts in class or not telling the answer if I know it and might end up in me not giving the test in the evening. 

Does anyone if you feel this? The fear of what could happen. The fear of not succeeding. But the truth is the one thing I am damn afraid to do is the one which is going to help me reach my goal. Everything I yearn for lies beyond this fear. It’s strange how fear kills more dreams than failure can. 

But, I am not going down without a fight. It maybe difficult. I may not be sleeping at night but it’s worth it. Just because most of them don’t make it doesn’t mean I can’t. I don’t wanna regret the chances I didn’t take in the future. 

Probably my life is going to me a continuous struggle between my comforts and my dreams, my career and my relationships. But I for once have learnt to embrace this conundrum. 


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