Favourite quotes  (1.1)

” You didn’t come this far, to come this far.”

                          ~ Anonymous

This is a new category wherein I will share some of my most favourite quotes and saying which inspire me to push harder everyday. You too please share the words which bring out the best in you in the comment section! 

Love you all!

Jahnavi 💫

All alone. 

You did it once again.

Treated me like crap and then did not apologise because your pride came in way. 

I should have thought. Thought twice before taking care of you when you were sick. Thought twice before fighting with the world for you. Thought twice before giving you the ability to hurt me so bad.

You were not the first one to do this and I know you aren’t the last one. Still I am gonna write for you because you were one of the people I trusted my life with. 

But now I realized that I was never even close to a friend for you. You will be one of the best memories of my life and the worst one too. I am not going to bad mouth you after all this because that would just make me sound like a victim which I am not.

I am sorry to trust you so much. I am sorry to expect a teeny bit of loyalty out of you. I am sorry for not fitting into your expectations of a perfect girl.

I wish you a brighter future. 

Not yours anymore, 

Jahnavi 💫

Unlearning things.

This world is hard to live in.There is betrayal, disloyalty, fakeness everywhere. Due to all this, what I see is that everyone has desensitized to everything. Not caring has become a thing to be proud of. But, is it really? Pushing people away, labelling their care as clingy behaviour, saying downright hurtful things to people who love you, is this what we have come to now? Nobody wants to invest time and energy in relationships. Everyone is in for ‘ No strings attached’. But we gotta understand that without the strings we will be lost and clueless. People ask others to change because their nature is an inconvenience to them. When did we stop accepting people the way they are? Loving people for the happiness they bring to us? 

Do you know the girl you bodyshamed that day has skipped dinner all week? Do you know the guy you called names for being gay is taking pills for depression? Do you know that every negative vibe given out ends with human tears at night? 

Even if we think about other worldly problems like women’s rights and the issues with LGBTQ community, it all boils down to plain acceptance. 

We have been behaving like entitled idiots all our lives. We have to learn to accept other opinions and thoughts while retaining our own. Why does disagreement on the choice of religion leads to deaths? Why does disagreement on the choice of partners leads to hatred? It’s high time we start respecting consent and choice more than money, power and status. It’s high time we started treating humans as humans.

We need to unlearn the prejudice engraved in our brains. We have to unlearn the preconceived notions od beauty and success. We have to unlearn the hatred sowed in us. 

Every living thing is precious to mankind everyone of us has a special contribution to the world. If everyone of us was born the same way, how can we give ourselves the power to control others sexual, religious or political preferences?

I for once am caring despite of being called clingy. I am gonna make sure that people in my life do not go through what I have in my life. I am gonna make sure that my work impacts our less fortunate counterparts positively. We are here to a put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?

Lots of love and hugs, 

Jahnavi  💫

Not possible.

This cannot be happening. 200 likes in 8 days. So much love. Gosh. I cannot thank you guys enough. I really am humbled by all your support. Thank you so much for believing in my content and appreciating it. 

I hope I can give you quality content in the days to come.

Love you all,


Writing and me. 

Recently I am getting so many e-mails regarding how to handle this blog situation. This is to address all the queries. 

Firstly, what I believe is I draw inspiration from my writing to do other things in life. Writing is the one thing which helps me detox and sort out my thoughts. I don’t need any inspiration for that. It’s second nature to me. Also, coming to this blog. This blog is predominantly for me and my mental well being. I just follow my heart while posting any article. Writing has helped me through one of the darkest phases of my life and it defines who I am. 

In all this, I try and spread some positive vibes around. I really want to make other smile and let them know that they are not alone. Anyone going through any kind of problem can vent it out here. Tell me how your day was. Tell me what inspires you. Tell me who you are. Because everyone is a bundle of stories. And stories are meant to be told. 

Love you all!

Jahnavi 💫


The fear of failure. One of the worst possible fears to nurture. It can cripple you to death. It starts with small things like not asking doubts in class or not telling the answer if I know it and might end up in me not giving the test in the evening. 

Does anyone if you feel this? The fear of what could happen. The fear of not succeeding. But the truth is the one thing I am damn afraid to do is the one which is going to help me reach my goal. Everything I yearn for lies beyond this fear. It’s strange how fear kills more dreams than failure can. 

But, I am not going down without a fight. It maybe difficult. I may not be sleeping at night but it’s worth it. Just because most of them don’t make it doesn’t mean I can’t. I don’t wanna regret the chances I didn’t take in the future. 

Probably my life is going to me a continuous struggle between my comforts and my dreams, my career and my relationships. But I for once have learnt to embrace this conundrum. 

Never again.

You are not letting go of your dreams.

You are not giving up.

You are not going to let people affect your mindset. 

You are not going to self loathe. 

You are not going to procrastinate.

All of us go through a lull in our lives from time to time. Coming out of it stronger, is what matters. These are the words I say to myself when I am going through a rough patch. 

I hope you live all your dreams!

Love you all,


7 random things about me.

1. I love rains.

2. I am completely obsessed with stationery. I have literally a shop in my house with all kinds of pens, papers and glitters.

3. I am a professionally trained Kathak dancer.  For those of you who do not know, Kathak is an ancient Indian classical dance form.

4. I hate it when people have double standards and when they lie. 

5. I am a very punctual person and I don’t like getting late.

6. I am kind of controlling person. (Trying to work on this flaw as, that is getting in way of my relationships.)

7. I am an Aries. (No explanation required on that.)

Do you have anymore questions? Just feel free to ask them in the comment section or contact me! 

Love you all,



200 views. I never expected this to happen. I am so humbled by the response you all of given me.

I have always said that writing is therapeutic for me. I was a very sad and depressed person and all of you here have given me the strength to get up and pursue my dreams. Thank you so much! 

I love you all.